Employee references

Tran, Sveiser
Great for their treatment of people, safe and good. Just call me when you need my services again.
Olav, Sveiser
Thanks for hiring! I would like to participate in as many of their projects as possible.
Espen, Pl. arbeider
Thanks for good follow-up and support in the work process.
Krzysztof, sveiser
Call me for further work for you, I want to work for serious company in Norway. Thank you for calling me last time.
Damian, Pl. arbeider
My experience with Dukon is very good and in my opinion about the company is also very good. I'm glad you called me in December last year to work for you.
Patryk Ind. rørlegger
A good, solid company caring for the employee
Money on time! It's money we live by! Otherwise, always great management.
Rolf, Ind. rørlegger
It's good to work for you, Dukon makes a good effort to make us happy.
Anne, sveiser

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