Skilled workers

Dukon employees have the expertise, capacity and motivation to work anywhere and anytime.

They turn "fast on their heels" and arrive on time.

Through our long recruitment experience, Dukon has established a network of access to qualified workers across Europe.

Our management has for the last 20 years handled hiring and management of approx. 500 workers to Norwegian companies.

Prior to hiring, Dukon quality assures all candidates through interviews, obtaining certificates, course certificates, certificates, CVs and references.

All our employees have a professional certificate and / or a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field.

Dukon has a CV and proof of competence for all candidates and employees available to our clients.

For equipment, we have our own container that can be placed in / near the work area, so that our workers can more easily pick up clothes and equipment in the workplace if the customer wants it.

Our staff of skilled workers is our pride
Industrial pipe
instrument Plumbers
Steel plate workers ,
Industrial mechanics


Foremen / Supervisors
working bases
Engineers structure and piping
We are users of EURES, for collecting CVs and information about some of our workers who are from the EU. EURES cooperates with NAV and therefore has standardized standards for what a CV should look like.

Leie arbeidskraft - Utleie i arendal, utleie av sveiser, mekaniker, rørlegger , sveiser , ducon . utleie av personell .​

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