Hms and quality

Dukon has developed its own Quality Handbook based on NS-EN ISO 9001 - 2008 standard and its own HSE Handbook according to Internal Control Shift.


Dukon has prepared its own staff handbook for employees.


Our employees' safety and well-being are our top priority.


We regularly visit our employees at the workplace.


Dukon has an agreement with Mintra Trainingportal for computer-based training and training of employees.


Dukon is an approved supplier in Ahcilles JQS, which is a supplier register for qualifying suppliers of goods and services in the Oil and Gas sector respectively.


Our motto is: Work hard and be nice to people!


Dukon employees will provide high quality services.


Dukon is a revised employer, member of NHO services and provides security to our employees.


Dukon employees will deliver what the customer wants at the right time and take the initiative to propose measures that can give even more satisfied customers.


Dukon employees should be honest and show good conduct towards each other and in customer relationships.


This is how we deserve trust, recognition and a good reputation.


                             Employees are Dukon's most important resource and face to the outside.


Leie arbeidskraft - Utleie i arendal, utleie av sveiser, mekaniker, rørlegger , sveiser , ducon . utleie av personell .​

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