customer Benefits
Dukon can compete on price, administrative follow-up, efficiency and work ethic and hires skilled workers based on agreed price per. work hours done.
Dukon hires a specialist worker or a whole work team with the supervisor, contact person and safety representative by agreement.
A hired professional worker from Dukon is always employed in Dukon. We take full employer responsibility but the customer has the right of control and instruction over the hired.
Dukon has arranged pay and working conditions, travel regulations, occupational injury insurance, liability insurance, compulsory occupational pension, AFP scheme for the employees and has affiliated with our company health service.
Our employees are members of trade unions and Dukon has a collective bargaining agreement with Fellesforbundet / Norsk Industri.
Dukon knows the legislation and has good cooperation with union representatives, trade unions and public authorities.
Dukon ensures that the customer is relieved of joint and several liability for taxes and fees.
Dukon arranges travel and accommodation by arrangement.
Our employees work according to the working time arrangements the customer wants.
Dukon keeps container loaded with our own work clothes, protective equipment and hand tools according to agreement.
Dukon has good administrative follow-up to ensure that the rental relationship works well. If a hired employee does not sound agreed upon requirements, he is immediately replaced with a new employee.
The customer determines the duration of the rental assignment for agreed demobilization notification deadlines.
Dukon's goal is to be the best at what we do. We put competence, quality and satisfied customers ahead of breadth and growth and believe it is valued by the customer.

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