NHO Service

A staffing company that is a member of the NHO Service, staffing department appears as a professional, attractive and orderly partner and employer. In addition to the "Revised Employer" scheme that is imposed on all members, NHO Service has prepared ethical guidelines, agreements, norms and procedures that apply to the members.

For our customers and employees, this means even greater security in the form of an attractive partner and employer.

The business is approved as Revised Employer version 2.1. This means that we have been fully audited to meet the requirements for routines and practices set out in the main document for the scheme.


The staffing company has been audited according to the RA checkpoints in the following areas:

• Employment contracts

• Assessment of risk conditions in the landlord

• Clarified HSE responsibility

• Working hours, wages and overtime pay

• Handling of payroll duties upon completion of the assignment • Sickness benefit

• Follow-up of long-term sick leave

• Job protection

In line with the purpose of the scheme, the company has undertaken to have a special focus on the work environment for hired personnel.

The certificate is valid for the period 20.09.19 to 20.09.21

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