The process industry works according to strict requirements and principles for sustainable development and must report on annual emissions, production volume, energy consumption and amount of waste and hazardous waste. The process industry makes major investments in new operating and production equipment such as furnaces, tanks, pipe systems, etc. In addition, they must carry out periodic maintenance programs, upgrades and modifications, and annual audits.

Dukon hires qualified and experienced professionals to the process industry:

Sheet Metal Workers


Industrial mechanics


work Management

Many of our employees are interdisciplinary professionals and this provides cost savings and flexibility for our customers. Since Dukon has a collective bargaining agreement with the Joint Federation / Norwegian Industry - our employees can work under different working time arrangements, which are often necessary in the event of a shutdown in the process industry.

Leie arbeidskraft - Utleie i arendal, utleie av sveiser, mekaniker, rørlegger , sveiser , ducon . utleie av personell .​

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