Today, the business community demands flexible staffing solutions and high-quality mobile resources at low costs - and which works in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations.

  • DUKON hires skilled workers with experience from prefabrication, assembly, service and maintenance in steel, mechanical, pipes, concrete, iron binders, construction work and other things that fall into these categories.

  • We can hire one man or a whole team of supervisor fully equipped with hand tools and personal protective equipment.

  • Our employees have the expertise, capacity and motivation to work anywhere and anytime.

  • Many of our staff of skilled workers are multidisciplinary, which provides great flexibility for the customer.

  • Some have courses, proofs and certificates for: Traverse crane, truck, lift, fall protection, rigging, hot work, etc.

  • Welders certified on: Wire, TIG and electrode welding (black steel, stainless steel, titanium, incornell, duplex, super duplex, copper nickel and aluminum).

  • Courses related to Construction and civil engineering - are also available (courses at mintra

  • Most employees speak Norwegian and / or English.

  • Our personnel capacity is approximately 180 skilled workers.

  • DUKON has full employer responsibility - at the same time as the customer has the right of management and instruction for the hired.

  • We arrange all travel and accommodation by arrangement.

  • We work according to the working time arrangements that the customer wants.

  • We have regular pay and travel conditions for our employees, insurance and pension agreements, quality management and the HSE system.

  • We seek the customer exempt from financial joint and several liability for taxes and fees.

  • DUKON has a collective bargaining agreement with the Fellesforbundet and has very good cooperation with union representatives, trade unions and public authorities.

Leie arbeidskraft - Utleie i arendal, utleie av sveiser, mekaniker, rørlegger , sveiser , ducon . utleie av personell .​

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