Maritime industry

Dukon AS hires skilled workers to large and small maritime-related workshops throughout Norway and fixed and floating installations offshore.

Relevant background and solid experience from the maritime industry is our trademark and foremost advantage.

The owner and administration in Dukon has a very long "speed" from management at large maritime engineering companies in the south of the country - and for the past 25 years as manager of large staffing companies for hiring personnel for the same industry. That's why Dukon knows the demands of "both sides of the table".

Dukon hires skilled workers who have experience from prefabrication, assembly / installation, testing and completion, sea protection, modification, service and maintenance of large steel and pipe structures and ship and ship equipment both onshore and offshore.


Industrial plumbers and instrument plumbers
Welders , certified on Pipe Wire, TIG and electrode welding (black steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconell, duplex, super duplex, copper nickel and aluminum).
Steel plate workers , both on coarse and thin plates.
Industrial mechanics and machine workers
Riggers and scaffolding workers
Foremen / Labor leaders and working bases
Many of our employees have offshore safety courses and long experience working offshore. Course certificates and certificates for, Traverse crane, Forklift, Lifts, Fall protection, Rigging, Heat work etc.
We have experience with most types of materials and many of our skilled workers are interdisciplinary, which provides great flexibility and cost savings for our customers. All employees have scaffolding training courses.

Leie arbeidskraft - Utleie i arendal, utleie av sveiser, mekaniker, rørlegger , sveiser , ducon . utleie av personell .​

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